Residental Home Inspections

  • As a independent licensed and certified inspection company, we provide our clients with unbiased, accurate, and affordable inspections throughout Thurston and Pierce counties that enable you to confidently decide on the biggest financial decision you will ever make.
  • Our home inspections include; buyer inspections, owner warranty /walk through inspections, new home inspections, pre-listing inspections, home maintenance, and more. 

Inspection Reports

  • After the inspection is completed, a comprehensive narrative report with pictures and addition reference materials will be given to you within 48 hours. 
  • Your inspector will go over all the following areas with recommendations; site/grounds, exterior, garage/car port, roof, attic/roof structure, electric system, HVAC, fireplace, water heater, plumbing, crawl space/foundation, basement, kitchen, bathroom/laundry rooms, and interior area

Example Inspections

Example Inspection 1 (PDF)


Example Inspection 2 (PDF)


Example Inspection 3 (PDF)


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  • Greg Stephens retired from the Army after 26 years of service to Olympia, Washington who originally enlisted out of Sonoma County, California.
  • He held numerous leadership and operational positions and deployed on multiple combat and humanitarian missions.
  • As a Non-Commissioned Officer for over 20 years, his job was to lead, train, and inspect Soldiers and equipment. The only job that best fit his transition was to become a home inspector, which he applies the same Army Values to his inspections; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

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